Our Mission


“Our mission is to support mining, service and manufacturing organizations of Southern Africa, with ongoing growth, through service excellence, at the same time ensuring that the standards of living and quality of work of all parties involved
are improved.”


L & S VENTILATION was established in 1992 and is a totally independent
and private company with a comprehensive employment of specialists.



Rubber Doors

Wooden Doors

Trackless Doors

Other Equipment


The following products are distributed to the mining industry.

1. Rubber, steel and wooden Ventilation Doors (trackless and conventional   
2. Ventilation regulators and blank flanges, conveyor belt ventilation guards, brattice lintels, door stoppers, slow down devices etc.
3. Conveyor Belt Brattices
4. Conveyor idlers and brackets

L & S VENTILATION manufactures all ventilation doors, frames and fittings at our factory in Rustenburg. All goods are kept and dispatched from our factory.

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