About Us

When, What, Who?


L & S Ventilation cc was established in 1992 by Stienie Linde and Willie Stolz. Jaco Linde Snr bought Willie’s shares in 2006. L & S Ventilation cc is an independent and private company with a comprehensive employment of specialists. We specialize in mining ventilation control, but have many other fields of expertise as well.


L&S Ventilation cc is a level 9 B-BBEE qualifying small enterprise


We manufactures all ventilation doors, frames and fittings at our factory in Rustenburg. All goods are kept and dispatched from our factory.


Our Mission


“Our mission is to support mining, service and manufacturing organizations in South Africa, with the ongoing growth, through service excellence, at the same time ensuring that the standards of living and quality of work of all parties involved are together improved.”

Our Values


L&S Ventilation strives to establish open and long term relationships with our customers. L&S ventilation members and employees practice absolute confidentiality, honesty, integrity, service excellence and support a value driven orientation.

Experience & Expertise


During 1995 a rubber ventilation door was designed, patented and proved to be very successful, and it is still used by Anglo Platinum and Lonmin Platinum mines. L&S Ventilation utilizes a mix of business and technical skills to ensure that a high standard and service excellence is maintained throughout all projects. Projects have been executed to customers in mining and manufacturing organizations. These projects have also included manufacture, supply and erection of steel structures.

Services Rendered


– Underground measurements

– Manufacture of ventilation doors and frames to customer requirements.

– Manufacture and supply of interlocking systems as well as hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical door systems.

– Automation of existing doors.

– Training is provided to customers on installation and maintenance of ventilation doors.

– Flexible ventilation ducting.

– Renovation of ventilation fans.

– Sourcing of all ventilation materials and equipment.

– Fire retardant paint/coatings on steel, wood and electrical cables.

– Dust suppression systems.

– Early warning fire fragrance system.

– Mechanical, electrical and control equipment.

– Water cooling and filtration.

– Air filtration.

– Diesel exhaust filters.

– Sourcing of mining supplies

– Steel fabrication

– Sealants, PU foams, adhesives & accessories.


Stienie Linde
Jaco Linde Snr