Ventilation Doors

High Pressure Door

High Pressure 3High Pressure 1High Pressure 2


Low Pressure Door

Low Pressure 3 Low Pressure 2 Low Pressure 1


Refuge Chamber Door

Our refuge chamber doors have an improved and
unique latch and seal which ensures a tight seal every time

Refuge Chamber 3 Refuge Chamber 2 Refuge Chamber 1


Traveling Way Door

Traveling way 1 Traveling way 2 Traveling way 3

Revolving Door

revolving door 3 revolving door 2 revolving door 1


Wooden Doors

wood door 1 wood door 2 wood door 3 wood door 4 wood door 5 wood door 6


Rubber Door

rubber door 6 rubber door 5 rubber door 4 rubber door 3 rubber door 2 rubber door 1


Trackless Door

trackless door 1 trackless door 2 trackless door 3 trackless door 4 trackless door 5 trackless door 6


Fire Door

Fire doors that can be manufactured:
1. Steel fire doors
2. Treated fire retardant steel panels
3. Treated fire retardant wooden panels
4. Vermiculite covered fire doors
All fire doors can be automated with hydraulics, pneumatics or electrically and be controlled from the control room , fire detection system or smoke sensors

fire door 3 fire door 2 fire door 1



Underground Ventilation Airlock

Our underground ventilation airlock can be automated with an pneumatic or hydraulic system

underground airlock 1 underground airlock 2 underground airlock 3 underground airlock 4





Ventilation Door Accessories

Door Catches

door catch 1 door catch 3 door catch 23


Slow Down Device

This device was designed by L&S Ventilation, tested by various mines, proven to help prevent high pressure doors from slamming closed and thus preventing possible injuries.

slow down device


Pressure break handle set

Pressure break handle set


Water trap


Automated Ventilation Doors

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Interlocked Door

hydraulic and pneumatic interlock door 2 hydraulic and pneumatic interlock door hydraulic and pneumatic interlock door 3


…most doors can be automated…





Ventilation Accessories

Conveyor Blank Flanges

conveyor blank flange

Mild Steel Blank Flanges & Screens

Mild steel blank flange & Screen 2 Mild steel blank flange & Screen 3 Mild steel blank flange & Screen


Valves with 5mm orifice
valves 2 valves

Underground Water Tanks

Underground Water Tanks for Refuge bay and Waiting area

water tank 1 water tank 2

Brattices & Clear PVC

Clear PVC Rolls

Ribbed, flat or standard grade pvc sold in 50m rolls

IMG_90491 Clear PVC May 2017 clear pvc 1 clear pvc 2 clear pvc


Clear PVC Brattice

Manufacture to client requirements

brattice DSC00094


Conveyor Brattice

Manufacture to client requirements

convyor brattice

Roll Up Doors

IMG-20110719-00299 IMG-20110719-00293 rolling door 4 rolling door 1

Fire Retardant Coating

Steel beams, wood, ibr sheets, electrical cables and communication cables can be treated with a range of fire retardant paint or coatings that can be applied with a brush or spray.
The application of fire retardant paint/coatings give fire ratings of 30min, 1hr or 2hr’s on steel, wood, cables etc.
Fire retardant coatings can be applied to:
1. Steel
2. Wood
3. Thatch
4. Doors
5. Communication cables
6. Electrical cables


fire door 3           fire

Flexible Ventilation Ducting

ducting 1 ducting 2 ducting 3

Vermiculite Plaster & Bricks

 Vermiculite Plaster

verm plaster  plaster


 Vermiculite Bricks

verm bricks  brick